Looking for illustrators who "made it"


Hi guys. I need a little cheering up. I’ve been selling illustrations on fiverr for a year and a half now, and I’m starting to feel the doubt settling in. I’m working day and night and still I’m not earning half of what I would on a “real” part time job with minimum wage. The business is a little better each month, but I’m not really earning more, because I don’t have time for all the clients.
As I live in a camping wagon, and have some good ways to get free food, this monthly salary is just enough for me to survive on. But I could never afford to live in a real apartment, and my dream of buying a (really small and really cheap) house, seems way out of reach. Also, I’m getting really tired of scandinavian winter in a plastic box.
So now I wonder: What do I do now? Is it worth it? Should I keep on trying, or is it best to just give up and get a real job? Are there any other illustrators out there who is living above the poverty line on their fiverr salary? How did you do it? How DO you do it?
Is it possible to have a decent life this way, without working 24/7?


Everything is possible if you set your mind on it. There are sellers on Fiverr who make a 6 figure income but they work hard and have double digit orders each day.
Don’t ever give up on your dreams and believe in yourself.
Explore other options see what works what doesn’t. Maybe this story will help you get inspired :wink:


Hello, I’ve checked out your gigs and let me say you’re doing a wonderful job!
In my opinion is very hard to live and pay your bills without a real job (this applies everywhere).
For some people, Fiverr could be a good job but that means to be and work here for years… So, for new sellers there’re so many less chances to earn more income or a decent salary due to the huge competition, I am not an illustrator but I know and I really understand you about spending nights and days working on your tasks. It’s not easy at all but at least you’re doing something beautiful, you create wonderful art and not scamming, selling stupid and false things here you should be proud of that!
I might suggest you to take this Fiverr experience as a part-time activity and get a real paid job.
The income which comes from Fiverr can be pocket/extra money

Finally, be proud of your work! that’s amazing


Why not shoot for some of both until you are in a better position? You can limit your Fiverr orders but still take freelancing seriously. Consider it a business you own, but perhaps can spend only 20-25 hours a week on.

Take a part time guaranteed wage job that requires no more than another 20-25 hours. Try to pay the bills and buy necessities with that steady income. (I did this until I was using multiple freelancing methods.) You can save your freelancing money and try to get a place of your own, build a business online and maybe later go back to full time self employment.