Looking For increase sales


Hi …i am Digital marketer & also a level 2 seller but now i cant get order so how can i do For my sales


Hi, try to make an extra gig. update description of previous gigs to make them run again in search.


Thanks to replying me but there is a problem whenever I edit my GIG after sometime later my GIG was Denied :frowning: that’s why i an so afraid to edit my gig


It will be because make sure you are not using any kind of special character or repeating words.


can you please Give me some example ?


special characters like

! @ # $ %


can i have to USE these special characters like ! @ # $ % after edit my GIG ?


no you should have delete them if you added them


never changed these …

if i edit my GIG description or tag is there any problem ?


No their will be no problem, u contacted CS


Hi mjnur123,
I’ve been through the same problem that you are going through now, so the only solution is to contact the custom support, they will solve your problem.