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Looking for influencer

We are importers of fine women’s fashion Italian handbags. Have been in business for several years online here in the USA…How do I “post” an ad on Fiverr to find an influencer for our handbags?? By the way our company website is www.********.com; also on Etsy
thanks in advance for any suggestions
Bill Latzko,dir. Vittoria Pacini, USA

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Your profile says you have less than 1 minute read time on this Forum.

I think you need to visit the section on Terms of Service and pay attention to where it explains “How Fiverr Works” and your answer will be there.

Do some research.

Become part of the community.

Learn and grow with us.

You may find the influencers you are looking for.

Or maybe not.

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Hey there, my partner is having 50k subs on insta, you can reach her at instagram handle @bliss_feeder. She is doing yoga and fitness. I can say she will be working with you.

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Just got to front page of fiverr: You can see post a request option, Click there and you can easily post what you need!