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Looking for infographic designer with project & tech knowledge


Hi all,

For the creation of infographics for large scale technology projects, I am looking for an infographic designer who has some tech project background, so they would be able to interpret information correctly. The service I am looking for would also include delivery of a .ppt infographic so any status information in it can be changed/updated by us (buyer).

Any tips?



Hi Maartje. Are you after recommendations for sellers, or for how to find a seller?

I can advise on how to find a seller.

  • search infographic
  • make a shortlist of sellers you’re interested in from their profiles or portfolios or gig descriptions.
  • order their cheapest gig (one at a time or all together)
  • make sure the brief you pick for this purpose will allow them to demonstrate the skills and understanding you need
  • pick one


Thanks so much! I would also be interested in recommendations for sellers but this is helpful as well!