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Looking for Keynote presentations?


Hi Fiverr!

Most people do not have a Mac, or have prior experience on the Mac OS, much less their applications. What if one day, you need a presentation done on Keynote?

Many students/working professionals simply do not have the time or do not know how to create Keynote presentations for certain assignments or tasks. Learning how to use a new OS, or a new software is going to take too much time. Also, how do you make a presentation that doesn’t look boring, but something refreshing, something neat? Fret not, let me help you out with that.

I have a gig that offers 10 slides for 5 bucks, that focuses mainly on the design-aspect of the presentation.

If you just need a presentation for, let’s say, something ‘temporary’, you will find this gig more-of-value to you. I offer 30 slides for 5 bucks, using the default themes that Apple provided.

Animations and transitions can be added with another 5 bucks :slight_smile: If you’re not satisfied, a refund is always provided no problem. I have vast experience in typography, design, and color combinations (not to brag :P) You’ll just provide the content, and leave the nitty-gritty part to me!

See you soon!