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Looking for more quick responses Please share what you have Only for seller

Looking for more quick responses Please share what you have

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We’d be happy to share…if you actually elaborated what you wanted. :slight_smile:


More than this

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Ahh, I get it. I thought you were referring to wanting people to respond to your post quickly.

I don’t quite get the point of crowdsourcing quick responses. How many different ways do you need to say “Hey I’m sorry I can’t do this” or “I’d be glad to do that for you! Place your order!”?


Stil confused, what do you want actually


Ok no problem


So you don’t know what quick responses are on fiverr

I know what is this but i am confused regarding your question . Its simple answer, but You think its complicated . So I also thought its complicated

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Your quick responses will be individual to you and your gigs. There’s no point in anybody else giving you theirs.


Also only for those who want to help others

I do want to help others, but what would be the point in me giving you a quick response for somebody who’s ordered a video if you design logos? It wouldn’t make any sense - why not just write your own quick responses which suit you?



I almost didn’t make it. I was busy quickly responding to a local barista. That’s what I do… I drink coffee and I respond to things.

Here are those responses you’re looking for:

  • No… NO… not Dr. PoisonFinger!!!

  • …Well then, Gina, you’ll just have to remove it yourself…

  • I may be a half lama, but I’m still a half man!

  • … wait, that isn’t chocolate at all…

There you go. You can pick from any of those responses. As always, those responses are completely original and never regurgitated.

If ever you need my services again…just whisper non descriptive requests into the air… and I will appear…because I am… The Responder


Here you go, I covered this in detail here:


Great damooch916 Find somethings I am looking for

Shhhh. You’re ruining the bit…

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Thanks for help paulmaplesden