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Looking for open-minded people, vegans and those who practice meditation


If anyone wants to learn meditation techniques on how to open your 3rd eye, or learn about natural remedies and cures for many illneses, feel free to message me.




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Welcome to Fiverr. Just looked at your gigs and it will help your sales if you fill in details about yourself in your description. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


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I offer these techniques and natural remedies for free.


Thank you I will strongly consider it!


If only I could meditate and fly! How did you learn how to meditate?



I want to become Mother Teresa, would meditation help me in that?


You can astral travel or lucid dream which is pretty close if you ask me.

Through years of practice and ability to access the Akashic Records and see the truth.


3rd Eye is the pineal gland, you can become whoever you want, even Napoleon.


One more thing, you have a gig titled " make money" something like that. Have you applied it to your self?


Do you offer herbal products to produce DMT?


Yes and I am sharing it to further the progress of humanity so we can all live free and in peace.


We offer all plant based organisms produced on Mother Earth, but can only ship few beyond Canada. We mostly ONLY ship these kinds of herbs, barks and questionable legality material throughout Canada.


Are you an alien in FAQ’s … your answer is yes. Could you elaborate on this? Haven’t come across an alien on Fiverr forum so would be interested in your reply.


Oh, that sounds good. I’m a Canadian as well :wink:


I guess there’s always room for meeting new forms of things


I understand your shipping capacity.

However, DMT is essential for those unable to reach the 4th stage of enlightenment, so does your company’s product provide access to DMT?


Absolutely. I am sure everyone is welcome on the forum.:slight_smile: