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Looking for other sellers


Hello all, I am Jim aka jmisel a seller on fiverr. My main gig is to help set up your website. I get a lot of requests all day long and work out deals with people to build sites or tweak their current site. No one seems to need help setting their site up they need one built. Most of the time WordPress will do for peoples needs and 9 times out of 10 I can get them to see this. My thing is I know programming. I am not a designer, I have been getting a lot of requests lately for banners and logos. I can make them, but honestly, I’m not that good. I charge, them a gig just for a quick logo from a logo program that I’m sure any of you who do design would shake your head at. So I’m looking for others to send these people to or just come to you myself. I sometimes get jobs big enough that having a person to send some work to may be nice as well. I’m not a greedy man and I have my limits on time. I have 9 kids running around most days lol so time can be tight for me. Anyway, if anyone would like to take me, let me know.