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Looking for PRO male American voice-over

I would like to seek for someone to record a voice-over containing 4,278 English words in total (including separate words and sentences)
As this recording audio will be used as a sample of pronunciation to teach English for beginners, the pronunciation must be accurate and clear.


● Have a tiny rest time (about 3 seconds) between each word and sentence recorded
● Record clearly in American accent
● File is recorded in mp3 format

PRICE: 150-200 words = 1 gig

Here I enclose an excel file including some words and sentences. If you go by and feel interested in this post, please record these words as sample and send me back as soon as possible.
It would be great if you could include the total cost you would charge me for the whole voice-over.

I’m not sure if I am considered a “PRO” but I am an American man, native to English. Also your document won’t view on my phone.

Im_a_telephone try viewing it via your pc the error is due to the document iso coding i believe it is showing some gibberish writing…

This isn’t the Buyer’s Request section. This is the Tips for Sellers section, and your post has nothing to do with tips.