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Looking for review / suggestions please


Hey all,

I’ve been on Fiverr for a while now and my sales aren’t doing quite as well as I’d hope. Is there something anyone can recommend? I think my gig pages look pretty good and I’m over-delivering. I’m also going to upload a recent picture of myself soon since I’ve read in several places that thats better than using a logo or something. I’d also like to promote my gigs a bit more instead of leaving it to chance they’ll get clicked on, but am not quite sure how. Any advice would be great!

If link decides to work, its just to my gig profile:




The best way promote your gigs are using social media platforms. That will increase your sales.



Should I do that by paying for it? Via people on Fiverr who can advertise for me or paying facebook to run an ad or something?


I’d recommend you to use the Buyers Request Tab every single day and send the offers, that way you will have a chance of getting clients, instead of waiting for them to come and visit your gig. Hope it helps!



@gloome I mean you can share your gig links in your social media accounts. So many buyers will get to know that you are offering such services. Ask your friends or family members to share your gigs in their social media account too. So many peopl will come and visit your gigs, they will get to know your products and most of all you will get traffic to your gigs. That’s why I told that you can promote your gigs using YOUR social media account.