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Looking for "rising talents" experience

Hi :slight_smile:

I’ve recieved a mail saying all that about I’ve been selected as a Rising talent, Wich sounds nice!
I’ve already read the FAQS about Rising Talent (here but I don’t see any particular changes, in fact it seems that my badge is already dissapeared in less than 5 hours, soooo, I don’t really know if that’s normal, or what should expect. Maybe I have to wait for one day or two? It’s because something bad about my gigs? Feel free to check out :o

Thanks! :slight_smile :slight_smile: I’m pretty happy about joining Fiverr.

Congrats, finally your hard work paid off,
Mostly it happens that when someone searches any title and you have a gig on it,then your profile will appear before them written on your profile “Rising talent”, for new ones it’s “New Arrival”, like others have “Level One” or 'Top rated" , I think this sort of change you are given by Fiverr on your profile.

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Thanks for your fast answer! :slight_smile: So, it’s usefull in terms of visibility, but for sure doesn’t grant any order, right? I get that nothing GRANTS any order but I would love to know the experience of other" Risign Talent" users to know if it was usefull for them.

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Same feelings. I was level one, got some facilities but the orders dropped. That was really tensifying and lost my badge by the next evaluation, then started getting orders again.

However, good luck with sales!

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After I was given the status of Rising talent, my views grew and I received my first order! Good luck:slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds good to me! ahaha, How many time did you have that status? For me looks like it dissapeared in just 5 hours, I recieved 800 impressions and puf! done. Should I expect something else?

Bruh, scary, well… it’s not like I can lose orders, ahaha