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Looking for SEO & Marketing Co

I’m getting really sick of BAD work on this site. Promises of great work and get nothing ??!! Whats up with that??

I have checked seller feedback and scores and yet I’m finding major scams on here.

Does anyone recommend and honest good working SEO / Marketing company .

I’m a start up writer with a small budget !!!

What kind of services are you actually looking for? Is it technical SEO like coding and on-site or is it more off-site like link aquisition? Or are you looking for content?

I’m looking for marketing strategies that can help drive potential customers to my website.
As well as help with SEO marketing strategies.
I’m feeling far more cautious when dealing with a few sellers on here.
I will say that most of my experience on Fiverr have been really excellent, its always that few that ruin it for the honest. If you can recommend anyone I’d be happy to look them up
Thank You !

if you are looking for that level of a marketing strategist, I am not sure if you will get that with just a standard Fiverr type of gig. Sounds like you want a more full-service consulting agency to help you develop, design and implement your goals. Do you email first ahead of time some sellers you think may be able to assist you? And what kind of custom quotes are you getting? Have you asked for references?