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Looking for some Pro Advice on What to Change

Hello Pros,

I am new to fiverr. I’ve been doing pretty good for the first couple weeks on the platform as I brought my first two orders myself and got 3 orders in queue. I’m trying to figure out exactly what changes do I need on this gig to get it to “fiver Pro” category. If someone can let me know the exact steps, I’ll appreciate that. Here’s my gig:

Thank you!

Curious: why are you in Out Of Office mode?


As for the gig, I’m not sure those ‘testimonials’ are permitted.


As @imagination7413 said, you are currently out of office!

I have 3 orders, I’m working on them. I’ll be free tomorrow for more orders. The admins did pass the testimonials, I guess fake ones are not allowed.

Thank you for the link

If you haven’t yet, you should change the queue limit, so that you will not need to go OOO. Please see (PPD) point 7: