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Looking for someone to create a special butterfly video


Hello everyone,

I’m looking for someone to create a butterfly video for my wedding proposal.
My girlfriend really loves butterflies and so came up with this.
I had something in mind that many small butterflies flying around and at some point they come together
and making the sentence: Wil je met me trouwen? (dutch for will you marry me?)
Is there someone out here who could do that for me? And of course tell me how much this will cost.
Hope to find someone who can help me with this.

Yours sincerly,



Umm… This is a Forum, maybe you will not find what you are looking for here. What i suggest you to visit the main website and search for the “animation video” or something like this. Then you can choose the best seller according to your requirements.


You cannot promote your Fiverr Gig or Profile on the Forum. Please remove that post otherwise it will be marked as SPAM and Flagged!
@patrickmiedema purchasing from the sellers who doesn’t care about the Website terms of service is not a good idea. Just visit the website and get what you need.


I really like your butterfly animation, but can you choose a nice font instead of a logo? Or do I have to create a logo
saying wil je met me trouwen?


You can contact the seller in the private messages. It’s a Forum.


Realy ? I had no idea that you can not promote a Gig on “My Fiverr Gigs” section, because I saw numerous people promoting their gigs there.thanks for the remark.


You can promote your gigs in the “My Fiverr Gigs”. But you need to be the OP to promote your gig. The OP posted in the wrong topic and you replied him. That’s not allowed. But still you can contact the OP in the private conversations if you found a thread like that.