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Looking for studio members: Audio editing of raw Voice Over recordings

Hey guys,

I am a studio lead, looking to offer Voice Overs on Fiverr.

Offline I usually do my work in a recording studio, so the editing is taken care off, I am now looking for someone who would join me. I do VO in English and German, so some understanding of the German language would surely be an advantage! :slight_smile:

My translation gig (What I currently offer on Fiverr) is about to become a Pro gig, and am close to being Top Rated, so this should be a decent opportunity to get some additional exposure :slight_smile:

Feel free to reach out to me if you think you can offer professional VO editing services :slight_smile:


I can do the audio edit but I do not know German

Hi Patrick,

send it to me an preview from your audio raw.

i’ll give an example for free.

Did you do VO for Streaming Provider Services?