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Looking for suggestions to get orders


Please critically review my gig and give suggestions. It is about fixing issues in HTML and CSS code. I shall be very thankful to you.
Link to my gig


Do you use the “Buyer Requests” section? You can get quite a few sales from it. Just make sure you read carefully every request before placing an offer, and make sure you personalize it so it doesn’t look like a generic message.


Thanks for the suggestion. I have not used buyer request yet, however after reading your message I took a look at it and I think it is, in fact, a very good way to get started.


Be sure to also browse through the Fiverr Academy. Happy holidays!


Yes, I would. You are very helpful. Thanks.


I like your gig. It’s very well done.

Just like @exilegraphics said, using Buyer’s Request to bid - not advertise maybe good for you. When you do, please make sure to read the requirements that is being asked.

As an example, when I recently posted few request; I had a requirement: "Translate the following sentence " . . . . . " in your bid. I wanted to make sure the seller wasn’t using Google Translate. About 25% failed to do so.

Another time, I stated: “Please understand I will be using the poetry you write in my book.” Only about 50% bid specifically stated they understood and they were okay with it.

I delete the ones who do not include information I am asking.

As much as it is enticing to bid on projects, I highly recommend that you skip the ones with vague instructions. As much as seller’s need to follow instructions, buyers need to provide clear instructions. A poorly written request by a Buyer may be a sign he/she will be a difficult client.


Maybe consider having a profile picture or logo above your profile.


@lloydsolutions: Good point, I only looked at the gig link and not the profile page.

I have personally not ever hired anyone without a profile picture or a logo of some kind.


@adnan_kpi: You totally hijacked someone else’s thread . . not, cool. Delete and create your own.


Following your suggestion, I have included my picture. I am very thankful to you for these crucial suggestions.


Done. Thank you for your kind suggestion.