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How to start selling on Fiverr? I’m both a designer and a programmer, what’s wrong with my gig?

You should set your gigs more organizly .You can explore gigs titles and seo.Thanks.

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Always post good and creative pictures in your gig. And if possible, add a video as well. Share your gig on social media like facebook,twitter etc.
Make sure your gig description and pricing details are error free. There shouldn’t be any grammatical mistake.
Keep your pricing at 5$ only as a beginner.
Hope this helps you @mrkto4


Remember that you have to make your gig stand out of the crowd.

thanks a lot! I will try

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Yo! All the best @mrkto4

you are right Gauri.

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Thanks @joelsmith2002

Genuine tips :+1:t3::100:

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