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Looking for tips from seniors

Hello to all members

I am Ateeq Ahmed and i am new at fiver, kindly suggest or advice for get order or better my gig content,please


golden points

use your own content
dont make more ID’s on fiverr
be good to customers
deliver work on time
dont use other profile bios . gigs , FAQ or any other data
dont use google images more
greet customers and get the reorders

thats all

all the best buddy :slight_smile:


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Thank you so much dear

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make 7 optimized gigs. Keep sending offers on buyer requests. Remain online as much hours as possible. Be active on forum. Happy selling

make 7 optimized gigs

You don’t have to do this. There is no evidence that this helps anything.

Be active on forum

Forum activity has nothing to do with how many orders you get on the main site.

@ateeq_ahmed Try searching the forum, there are dozens of posts like this every single day and plenty of them have good advice in them.

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Obviously the more gigs you have, the more buyer requests you’ll get.

This is only true if they are all under different categories.

If you as a seller are only wanting to offer one type of service, there is no point in creating multiple gigs.