Looking for tips on international shipping


I recently received an order from a customer in Australia and I’ve never shipped anything international before. I live in the U.S. and, while I send lightweight envelopes (3-5oz.) they’re rigid to prevent the art from getting bent and are generally classified a packages.

I have very little idea what the shipping cost would be, along with how long the package would take to arrive, but I’m assuming they want it before Christmas. Is that possible? What are your experiences with international shipping?


I was having trouble finding that for international pricing. Found it now.

Oh, gak, it’s about as much as the gig itself makes me total. And I have my shipping for international set as high as it’ll go. :open_mouth:


Also, that’s the cheapest rate, with no estimate on delivery.


How does one do that? Is it by selecting the “nothing” rank for pricing?


Reply to @madmoo:

Dern. Ah, well. Thank you for the help. Again. :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: I was still a sheep originally. Then a bunch of new orders happened and I got bumped up. :slight_smile: I do now have instructions on my page for international orders to contact me before purchase to let them know of the extra cost. I also now know that USPS’s price estimator tends to overshoot. The final price turned out to be in a much more comfortable range, though so far the package has only made it as far as Chicago and I mailed it 5 days ago for Australia. :confused:

And thanks! If you ever need help with Gallifreyan again, let me know. You’ve been a lot of help for me on here, so I’d be willing to do a few free.


I’ve been struggling with this too since I started selling a few weeks ago. Great advice about adding it to Gig Extras. If I get to Level 2 and can add more extras, I’ll definitely include it.