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Looking for typist please

I am looking for a typist. I will provide 1-2 pages (approx 5-600 words) of a scanned written letter. You will type into notepad and dropbox it back to me.

Please indicate how many of these you can do for 1 gig (pm is fine)


I will do it in one gig 5$

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500 words for one gig 5$

if work is more than 20,000 words then i will do 1000 words in one gig of 5$

no they are individual. 1 gig = 500 words for you?


I can do it for one gig. message me if you are interested. If you order within 1-2 hours I’ll have it complete within 5 hours.

i will type 2 documents for one gig. and i deliver pretty fast.

i’ll type 1000 words = 1 gig.

I will type it 1 gig = $5

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i can do this in 1 gig. knock me please.


I would love to help you out. I can type 700 words for you in one gig, proofread it and deliver it to you in any format you like.

Thanks for reading!

I will type up to 4 documents for $5

I will do five hundred words for a gig.

Best to put this as gig reguest


i am a professional typer and i can type 1000 words for a gig for 5$

Here what you’re looking for! :slight_smile:

I will do your entire document for $5 … include another document for you to give me with this same order absolutely FREE & I will still add one more sweet DEAL to this mix… Blessings to you


i will do it 1200words=1gig

i am expert in data entry and i still working a data analyst

I will do it for 1gig