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Looking For Video Editor To Create A Video For My Facebook Profile Picture

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it would be allowing users to upload quick, 7-second videos as their profile pics. As such, I’d like to commission someone to create one for me, using parts of this clip:

Basically, I want someone to put my head/face on his body while he dances. I can obviously supply a variety of pictures in different poses and facial expressions, to make the video fun.

I have a minor background in video editing, so I’m familiar with the process of key framing and graphic overlays, but I’d rather pay a professional to get this done right, and make it look good.

Anyone who’s interested should send me a message. I’m very prompt in my communication, and payment.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


In case the link doesn’t work, you can search the video on YouTube. Here is a screenshot…