Looking for voiceover that can deliver in less than 6 hours


Hi! I´m on a tight deadline and are looking for a 20-35 year old male voice over for a project. I´m willing to spend around $20 on this. Please contact me if your up for it :slight_smile:


You aren’t likely to get much for only $20. Great voice actors are worth more than that, and, as I’m sure you’ll see when you look through the listings, most of them charge more than that for serious work too.

You might want to consider raising your budget.


Hi, yes your probobly right! the script is 245 words. I can pay $30-35.


You should message some sellers directly to see if they are able to do it. The forum is not the right place. You might have better luck by posting under " Buyer Requests".

Good luck ;).


You could try this: when you clicked the voice over category and look at the left side where the filters are, see whether you see the “Available Now” feature, if so, you can push the slider to the right and then sellers who have that feature active, should show on top of the page (and, in theory, they should reply within 5 minutes).