Looking for your Post or Reply?


Don’t forget - you can look at your own forum profile to see your own posts, replies and all kinds of information.

If a post of yours has been removed due to flags, you will usually get a notification explaining it, but not always. If that happens, consider whether or not you wrote something with contact info in it, disallowed links, a negative comment about a user by username, etc. If you did things like that and the post isn’t in your profile list, it may have been remove.

You can also go to the profile page to set your preferences and track certain topics, users, etc. In the same way, you can use preferences to ignore certain topics, categories, or users whose posts you do not want to read. Thanks for using the Fiverr Forums and don’t forget to keep the forum rules in mind as well! :slight_smile:


Hi! One of my posts had been quickly removed from the “Tips for sellers” category and got no views. Did it happed because of its content. Thank you.


Which post? I just checked the Tips for Sellers section, I saw a post from you and it’s actually still there and there are lots of views and even some replies.


Sorry, I meant it was quickly got unvisible on the maun page.


Nice trick I don´t know that bevore! Thank you!


The main page shows recent posts and special posts with a pin symbol. Since new posts are added frequently, posts don’t stay on the top long unless they are pinned.