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Looking for Youtube Intro

Hi, I am looking for an epic intro for my new YouTube channel which is for gaming, I have looked at many of the intro’s which look great, but I worry they will not look so good with a long name, “Restless Ripper” is channel name.
I was hoping for some type of fiery look with epic uplifting music, has anyone got any ideas?.

Also I was trying to create a logo, but imagining it in many of the videos I have seen on here does not seem right, I don’t want to make a mistake and pay for the wrong one.

If you’re looking for something quite specific, you can post on Buyers’ Requests, or do a search on the main Fiverr site to see if there’s something which would suit your needs - good luck!


I have tried to make a request and all I get in response is pages and pages of people spamming the complete opposite of what I requested, it feels a waste of time making requests.

Hm - not what you wanted at all!

Have done a search on the main site yet?

You can always purchase a logo template and have someone edit it for you.

here’s a list of all logo templates that had the word "fiery"in their title: :slight_smile: