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Looking Forward To A Week Off (Just Not From Fiverr)

In two weeks (10 business days), I’ll be home for an entire week from the school courtesy of Thanksgiving Break. Now, I enjoy this time because it means three things:

One - I don’t have to get up really early and work on articles before work.
Two - I can sleep in just a slight bit and then work on articles.
Three - I can work on articles all day if I want.

I’m going to be really happy with this. I could really use the day off after these next couple of weeks. I’ve not made it to the gym since Oct. 31, and this chickie needs it. Just because I need to de-stress. If there is one thng Fiverr can be is stressful, but only if you make it so. Still, with all their needless changes (font being one of them), it can be maddening.

On top of that, the weekend before Thanksgiving, my dad is coming up again, which means I see him twice in less than a month. I am SO looking forward to that weekend. This also means adding more days to my custom orders if the projects are really big. I had one come in today that is huge and must be done in 10 days. Good thing I love my job(s).

12 days and counting…


Sounds really nice and something to look forward to. It gets slow here around the Thanksgiving Holiday too! Charles

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Oh my, Thanksgiving is just around the corner! I need to start preparing my menu!


Excuse my ignorance @vickiespencer - but isn’t the Thanksgiving menu pretty much the same from year to year? Closest we have in the UK is probably the Christmas main meal: Turkey, stuffing, mountain of veg including brussels sprouts that no one eats, followed by Christmas Pudding, which I like and no one else does in this household. Mince pies and Christmas cake also available - the Christmas cake being much like the pudding, but less fruit. Also a ham for Christmas Eve and cold cuts from Boxing Day until New Year.

From the food p0rn sites I’m addicted to, it looks like Thanksgiving meals are pretty much the same as Christmas ones without the pudding … or are you going off label … ?


We have pretty much the same meal each year. My eldest son has a turkey fryer so he will fry the turkey. Otherwise, the planning part is mostly deciding who will bring what. My second son already said he would do the pies. My youngest son and his wife usually bring mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. Then, if I asked my daughter-in-law’s mom, she would bring the buns. So mainly, I only need to make sure everyone is bringing what they usually do. However, for my part, I like to change things up a bit and try new recipes for the other dishes. So, that and making the grocery list is the planning part.