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Looking forward to be promoted

Hello Sellers. Hope you are doing great!!
I have just meet all the 8 goals to become a Level 1 Seller.
How many days it will take for my promotion?
And if lose any goal like ‘rating’ or ‘on time delivery’ before getting promoted to Level 1. Will fiverr give me the promotion then?

Thanks in advance

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to achieve level one you will need fill up all requirement for this step


Promotions and demotions happen on evaluation day, which is ~ 15th of every month.

No, you have to fulfill every criterion on evaluation day – not before, not after.



I am in the same position as you, due to be promoted if all goes well on the 15th. I think if you loose any of these requirements before the 14th or by the 14th of the month, you could loose your promotion.

Work hard so none of this happens!

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thanks for letting me know. hope for the best

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Wow. we hope for the best. Cheers