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Looking freelancer


I have been searched freelancers etc and contacted them with a job but none has been answered back…aint they want money? Well lets test here, I am looking an freelancer who can make BF1 tracker with server info, platform is IPB 3.4.X
I need an PHP script with it. And i can send an body for it (It´s cs:go pro stats body) only thing is to change APIs etc for it and images. Just let me know how much you need for it if above 50$ then forget. Payment will be via PayPal.
Contact me if interested to get some money.

Also Stripe, Skrill and webmoney for payments. Before paying, need to revision and test the code. After all clear payment will be sent via payment method you want.


Fiverr works on the basis that you order through their website and conduct your dealing with the sellers through their website. Offering to pay via PP will put most (if not all) sellers off.


And why is that when paying via PP put most sellers off? Because of Refunding or something else? Of course there has to be somekinda insurance to not get ripped off. Thats why i use PP to get my money back if script dont even work or seller dont answer the messages about fix etc… tested stripe payment once and wanted money back it took nearly 2months to get money back for non-working code.

Added more payment gateways


You pay via fiverr. They are there to protect.


I think your method will violent fiverr TOS. So most of the sellers will not help to do it. :slight_smile: