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Looking Graphicdesigner for T Shirt USD$1000 Tender



My name Ed from Singapore. im into a printing business start up. im looking for a graphic designer to supply me designs. There is no rush for design but i need it to be original designs by you. Im looking at my moneys worth of USD$1000 to the highest amount design that you can offer. This tender will be given to designer who can provide as such. pls do message. and pls advise on how we can work together.



This is not the right category. There is a buyer request thing.GO and post there.Stop just posting random things and making click baits


chill bro… i just started this… dont assume things aight?


Hello there. I would advise you try to post in Buyers Request. I assure you that the right people will see your request. :slight_smile:


thkq andaluzia… at least someone is nice around here…


where is the link to Buyers request?


oh the main fiverr… got it… not in the forum… anyway thks


how do i delete this post.


I am not really sure how to delete a post. I have tried looking on one of mine but I don’t see a button.

I am glad that you found the buyer’s request. Give it a try. I always check the page for jobs and there are a lot of offers. Or you can try and look thru the gigs. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!


Please check here for buyer request:

Hope it helps