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Looking to become a Fiverr Pro?

We are ramping up recruiting in a few Fiverr Pro categories and would love to see more sellers on Fiverr apply to the Fiverr Pro program.

Graphics & Design:
Presentation Design
Architecture & Floor Plans

Writing & Translation:
Resumes & Cover Letters

Digital Marketing:
E-mail Marketing
Local Listings
Mobile Advertising

Video & Animation:
Intros & Animated Logos
Whiteboard & Explainer Videos

Sellers can apply for ANY category, the above are just a few examples.

But Matt, how do I apply?

I’m glad you asked. Please check out this blog post about the process and the application link here!

It only takes a few minutes to apply!


I’ve often wondered why Fiverr doesn’t allow existing sellers to elevate strong, successful existing gigs to the Fiverr Pro banner. I am a very successful seller, with a top gig in my category, but I have been cautious to consider applying for Fiverr Pro because I do not want to have to start my service over as a new Fiverr Pro gig. I’d just as soon “upgrade” my existing gig (once approved and vetted, of course).

I would think it would be a great way to help fill out the ranks of Fiverr Pro gigs, since that is something Fiverr is determined to do. There are a lot of great regular gigs that already exist, that would seem to be ideal for “elevation” and promotion under the Fiverr Pro banner.


You have said it all.


I concur to @jonbaas for the first time! :smile: Yes, that’s exactly what I wish fiverr to consider too! As a top gig in my category I really do not want to start all over again.


Wowzers, I never thought I’d see the day when Chris and Baasman would agree on something. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: This could be the start of a budding… meh nvm. :sweat_smile:

This calls for a celebration tho. :tada::champagne:

@chrisdata and @jonbaas I gotta ask are you two gentlemen going to apply for PRO? :smile:


That decision remains outstanding. :wink:

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This has nothing to do with the post, but wow, hi Rick…I’ve never seen him act THAT happy!!!
…that’s like an interview or something, right?
I’ve watched all episodes up until season 8, I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen him smile…

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Matt is going to kick us outta here. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, it was an interview, our Darling, Rick is from :uk: London, England. See, what I mean the accent thingy? On the show, people wouldn’t know that listening to him speak. Yeah, he’s so serious like the joker, it’s nice to see him smile. The baby blue eyes, salt & pepper hair is nice, too. :blush:

For Zeus eyes only


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Well. That pretty much kills my chances of applying. Gotta start from scratch, all of your previous work gets wiped away? Pass.

Yes, hope I’m in this time. Good Luck to anyone who applied.

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I applied for this, several months back and heard nothing

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