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Looking to build a website that gives an automated service, instead of using excell. [RESOLVED]

Hello, my name is alfonso

I started with excell, but it gives me the complication of having either manage the whole deal myself, or hand over the product for a very large fee.

So in short i am looking for a web page that can do this in the most profesional, colorfull and simple way posible.

I came up with a simple business idea to help a friend of mine, ive made the basics of evaluating a client based on his performance money wise and as a person.

this applys the same to the person supplying the service for which i am being the middleman.

so in short i am looking to make my service online, in a scalable platoform such as a webpage in which things can be automatic, my services include a simple accounting basics which gives you the numbers that the client is bringing in such as referals, cash income, and the sorts… and a database of the types of contracts he needs or orders.

the other part of the business is giving the person the long term qualification for the client, which is really helpfull when evaluating your 20-80% business rule, and giving him statistics as to what kind of metrics he needs to know to improve his business altogether.

thank you

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Hi alfonsomoreno,

I recommend searching Fiverr for web programmers and putting your request directly to them. You can see an example search for this here:✓&search_in=everywhere&source=top-bar&query=build+website

Alternatively, you could place a request: