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Looking to edit videos for people

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First, your post is in the wrong forum category - if you want people to check out your Gigs, you need to move this to the category: My Fiverr Gigs

Second, you are not allowed to give off site contact information (your Twitter) on this site, as Fiverr may see that as you trying to take buyers from the site. This can get your account restricted, warned or banned.



LMAO this guy has his phone number in the bio, straight up. Bold move, almost gotta respect the hustle.

Another one who didn’t read the long, boring TOS when they signed up and just added stuff to their profile that is blatantly against the rules.

They will be here in the forums at some point complaining that their Gig was banned or warned for “no good reason” at some point if they do not remove this information from their profile.



Please bear in mind that calling out others on the forum is discouraged:

In addition to what others have said, if you wish to sell on Fiverr, you need to create gigs first.

What do you mean ? I’m not calling out anyone. He posted on the forums, and I was replying to his thread. That information is publicly available on his profile page. It’s in his bio. That means it’s public.

That’s the same thing as me posting a screenshot of someone’s gig when they ask for feedback. I’m not doxxing anyone, I’m making a point.

I suggest you take that up with staff.

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