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Looking to hire 4 Giggers for 2 gigs each for basic design mock ups for packaging

I hope its OK to post this here.

We are looking for packaging design ideas for our company refurbished products. We want a generic packaging that is non branded. Packaging a cell phone retailer deal should be able to display our packaged device as ready to sell inventory.

We’ve been using simple white boxes and we want a change. (see attachment for pictures)

We are only looking for design concepts at this time. Layout work will be a separate gig.

We have the box size already chosen 5.0625 x 2.375 x 6.5 which will accommodate 80% of our inventory. We have not received a template from our box company for layout yet.

The internal layout is still in development. (see attachment for pictures)

Our product is Mobile Devices (Cell Phones, Smart Phones) from all the major carriers and manufacturers.

We need help creating a suitable generic package that communicates phones enclosed.

Quality product

Eco Friendly

Modern Wireless Technology

Terms like 3G, 4G, GSM CDMA LTE may be used in the design but not as a major focal point.

The phone packaged my be a 3G phone CDMA, 3G GSM or 4G LTE Verizon Phone or a 4G Sprint WiMax Phone, T-mobile Unlocked 3G 4G capable, so many options considering the models and carriers we support.

We will not use copyrighted brand logos or names on the packaging.

Please look at our ebay store, we use it as a clearing outlet for our older products reaching end of life status. We are not looking to brand our store, we are not branding our buyers, We are looking to design an attractive packaging that our buyers will be able to display without giving away their inventory supplier.

Pictures of boxes