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Looking to liven up your facebook page or forum?

This gig was a hot seller a year ago and now I’m ready to launch it again after a brief break from it all.

For $5 you get:

  1. me posting on your page for 2 days. (Thats 2 times in a week).
  2. Several posts by be … in a way that look natural and does not look spammy!
    3)No bots / No Automation — 100% HUMAN POSTING - Done by yours truly.

Addons include:

  1. Posting more than twice a week / 24h posting
  2. Posting on specific posts (targeted posting)
  3. 2nd account to post (Female account posts alongside my male account)
  4. Pictures of me in a thong <-- Removed due to underlying belly fat.

No bull , this will make your page look like something is happening on it… Its great for brand new pages , dead pages , or pages that just need a push …

Order my 2x account extra and get double the posts + double the interaction.