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Looking to restart my Fiverr gigs and go FiverrPro


Hi, I am a Level 2 seller but haven’t been active on Fiverr for about five years. I’m contemplating restarting some gigs and maybe adding a couple. I’ve been looking at the FiverrPro option and was wondering if I had any real prospects of being accepted since I haven’t been active for a while. Does anyone have tips for how to get back into it?


Why are you wanting to go “Pro”? I dont exactly see the fiverr pro folks killing it in sales.
Personally, I dont think it’s going to make it.


I don’t really want to write $5 blog posts. My business has changed a lot. When I did writing gigs years ago I did fairly well with my upsells and could $25 to $30 per gig, but I charge a lot more than that for blog posts these days. I get $100 per post, but I tend to go for bigger projects like white papers an e-books. It looks like that’s what the FiverrPro folks are doing–bigger projects. So they’re not selling them?


You can apply and try your luck.


best of luck to you @poetwarrior1