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Looking to start my first Gig, but I ran into an error

I got it published but then it was shot down for “General TOS Violations” which doesn’t tell me what exactly is violated so I can fix it. Would someone mind helping me figure out how to get my Gig going? Any and all help is welcome!


Did you use a gig picture that was not free for commercial use or your own work?

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Have a look here:


Thank you, I also needed that link.

It might help also to brush up on the Terms of Service.

That’s where the real good reading is.

Since you got a ToS warning, I figured checking the ToS made sense.

Just trying to be logical.

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I used a picture that I paid for, so it is owned by me. I can try again with just a picture of my microphone, see if that helps it.

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That was the first thing I did, I didn’t see anything that conflicted with the gig I was setting up. Maybe the bot just went nutso on the commissioned art that I used.

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If it finds the gig image already on the web somewhere you might get a warning or something for that (if it’s one you own the rights to you could contact CS about that if you get a warning) but I think they say “unoriginal image”- but it’s best to use one that won’t exist already on the web.

I’d also make sure the service you provide in the gig is one allowed by Fiverr.

edit: you could let us know what the gig is for if it wasn’t something that you’re sure is allowed like a voice over gig. eg. if it was about some other site you’d need to make sure it was okay with that other site’s terms of service/use too.

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I don’t trust a bot I didn’t make.

BTW, I don’t make bots.

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Thanks, allot! That was much more helpful than the popup that just said. “General TOS Violation”

Also yeah, it’s a voice acting/voice over gig.

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If you can’t find the specific reason for the warning eg. in the messages/emails they sent or in the TOS/link you could contact support and ask them so you don’t get another warning by creating a new gig with the same issue.

Also make sure you don’t add anything in the gig description that isn’t allowed by the TOS.

Thanks allot for all the advice!