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Looking to start selling on Fiverr and but want to learn about its community

Hi nice to meet you all. I’m a graphic designer looking to start my business and to expand my portfolio and I want to start selling on fiverr but I’m scared. The reason being that well this is the internet and I don’t want to make enemies or to get sabotaged. I really want to know about this community because I want to be a seller and to be part of it.

I recommend that you take some time and read through these Fiverr forums. A lot of people have shared some excellent start-up tips, as well as information to improve and enhance gigs for success. My personal favorite forum for this kind of new seller information is the TIPS FOR SELLERS forum. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Fiverr. I wish you many hours of success and experience, and plenty of profitable gigs!

Welcome! Fiver is great. I’m sure you’ll love it!

I have not sold any of the contracts have since I participated

whats there to be scared about? fear is just an illusion that will hold you back.

you created your account, now post your gigs up and market it and watch how fiverr changes your life.