Looking to write an awesome buyer request offer? Here's a list of relevant forum posts


Hello Fiverr-ites,

I see many sellers on the forum who are either:

  • unsure about why they are not getting orders despite “regularly” sending buyer request offers, or

  • unsure of how to write an excellent buyer request offer.

Therefore, I thought I would compile a list of a few forum posts about this very topic so that this post could possibly serve as a repository of relevant information for sellers.

Before I begin with the list though, I thought I’d point out a thing or two about the buyer request offers.

it is not about how “regularly” one sends offers in response to buyer requests… Rather, it is about the quality of each of those buyer request offers sent.

Sending even 10 very well crafted buyer request offers could net sellers more orders than “regularly” sending 100s of buyer request offers of sub-par quality.

Finally, here’s the list-

If you have any other relevant forum post that you think might make a wonderful addition to this list, please let me know and I’d be glad to append it.

Also, @zeus777, do you think creating a visual help guide on this topic would be a good “project” for you to work on (if at all you might find some spare time and/or motivation)? Your previous visual guide was awesome! I absolutely loved it!

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I don’t regret creating that post, and heck, I can make a whole book about it.
Still though, I get the feeling it will never really help the people it was targeted towards:
the new sellers who are not getting selling sales because they simply are not doing
what they need to do.

I doubt those people who are desperate to get sales will want to
go through the trouble of reading everything up there. They will just wait around and
look for a post that will show them an easy way out.

True, there are some tips we can provide, we can give advice, but I get the feeling it’s more like common sense. I am aware of how condenscending I’m sounding here.
If I am offending anyone, I’m sorry.

Offering writing gigs when they don’t even know how to spell.
Saying they are experienced designers but they have low quality samples.
Offering a singing gig with no videos showing their abilities.
And they wonder why they are not getting orders.
I just don’t know what to say to those people.

Having that said, I did have a bit of a chat with another seller here about
creating more of those visual guides. (for my own personal fun, and maybe help
some people along the way)

Here’s Mike Sails, a college student who’s trying to make some extra money
on the side and his cat Buster.
Right now I’m a bit too busy, but I would like to work on this.


Hey, AJ! :sun_behind_small_cloud:

Thanks for putting this list together. :sunglasses:

I just read Gina’s post, my partna in crime brought back memories. She is an amazing woman and contributed so much to the Community. Gina, I doubt you’ll see this message; because you’ve moved on, but on the off chance that you do I miss you, dahling. :heart:

As for the topic at hand, many just want an easy way out. As in they want users to write up the requests for them and all the gotta do is copy & paste. DONE

Requests should always be tailor-made for the requester. Writing :pen: an offer should take less than 5-minutes tops. Read the request, in fact, read it a couple of times and put effort into writing a decent (proofread) offer. Running to the forum to get other users to do the work is not a good strategy.


realy helpful, hope so i will get my third order.but now a days requests are very low.