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Looks like another seller got into my account

I just went to My Profile this morning and found this text :
Hello there, I’m Chanel!
Use me for your virtual assistant needs, as I have worked in an office based setting for over seven years. I also write product reviews, transcribe, research, and write essays. If you need a service and it’s not listed, feel free to ask!

I already reported it, but was wondering if this happened to anyone else, lately?
And to this “Chanel” person - this is NOT COOL, and I hope your account gets suspended.
I guess I can’t remove it until CS takes a look.

Okay, maybe this is a BUG?
I graduated from university of technology, majoring in Aero but now I am working as a web developer and graphic designer. I love to learn new things and challenges.
And no, Vietnamese is not my native language.
The profile descriptions keep changing - never witnessed anything like this before. Not as bad as getting hacked, I suppose, but Fiverr…really?!?

It sure seems like a really embarrassing bug on fiverrs end.

Now that glitch is fixed. Here’s the reply from CS about it-

"Thank you for your patience. We are happy to report that this issue has been resolved. Please log out of your account and clear your browser cache/cookies and check again. If you have any other questions or issues, please let us know.

Thanks again :)"

Every time these bugs happen I wonder if Fiverr outsourced to a particularly woeful example from their own marketplace. The other freelance marketplaces are just as incompetent, though, so I will charitably imagine that it’s tough sitting on top of a multi-million dollar revenue website and constantly having to justify it with pointless tweaks rather than listen to the users.

Because that would actually cost money


It seems that a programmer is hired and given a vague job description and left on his own without any input or oversight. When he is hired he is told to think of things to do to the site to “improve” it. And since he does not use the site as a seller, and has to do something at work every day, he independently thinks up things to change.

There might be a weekly staff meeting where ideas are thrown out at random and accepted with a general consensus where everyone says “hey that sounds cool” and then it gets done.

Some recent tweaks have been:

  1. *to the inbox making it an extra step to see all of it

  2. *the addition of a drop down menu on order pages so we have to click on it to see the order requirements

  3. *making the text window on the forums tiny

  4. *the emogi’s

  5. *the red warning “do not ask for money” is now in the middle of the text window when I am trying to type in it on the order pages and covers up what I am typing

  6. *removal of the extras so that only a one or two word title of the extra shows rather than having a description of them so buyers can’t even see the extras at all

This last one is a sure way to destroy anyone ordering extras. No one will order extras if they can’t even see what they are.

you should look up Fiverr’s reviews on glassdoor. Quite illuminating, if the disgruntled ex-employees aren’t just mouthing off.

Hardly a surprise though. What would be nice is a freelance marketplace run by freelancers that didn’t lose sight of its origins and also had some kind of jury system for disputes, and also set a bar for workers. There’s quite a few new ones popping up where you have an “interview” before they will let you join. It’s not ideal, but it’s a start. The main barrier for these new sites is simply a lack of users. Fiverr’s in a very good position right now–I can’t understand why they aren’t on the attack and instead bumbling along with this bs and not cleaning up its image. The bad image isn’t the issue–all freelance marketplaces have it–it’s the…blah blah blah.

Pipe dreamz. But yeah, check out glassdoor. Your assessment is probably closer to the truth than you think.

There used to be a term frequently used; “user friendly” which was the ideal of any site. All the changes being made are more user unfriendly.

Much of this might be an attempt to make the site more user friendly to mobile devices.
It seems to be mostly attempts at shortening and compressing each page.


The android app is cack. I hardly use it, but I don’t think most of the current changes have migrated to iOS or Android.

If they have, :hankey:

The same thing happened to me

plus: Now, female buyers are using EMOJIS to get extra features. Weird.