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Looks like bots

Hello, I created request. I found 30 offers from random people (i need website)
and I wrote to everyone from offer list, but nobody answer me. Are those people bots? Why nobody answered me, when they were offering me service? I just dont get it. I dont have nobody to make my website. I have new offer every 10 minutes but nobody will ever answer me. Why is that?

Could be you’re expecting instantaneous results and being disappointed by the slower reality. It’s the weekend, people are on different time zones, and a little patience should be exercised.

Well said :slight_smile:

Not everyone has a phone with the Fiverr app. Besides, if I bid on something, I don’t want to get a message, I want to get an order.

Until you show me your money, I’m not going to take you seriously, that’s how Fiverr works. Today some buyer kept asking me questions after I told him:

  1. Place an order
  2. Provide instructions.

So I simply told him not to place an order, told him I don’t want his business. I don’t care how much money he has, someone who can’t follow simple instructions isn’t worth my time.