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Looks like fiverr wants me out!

Yesterday, I was updating my best seller gig video (slideshow gig). I have changed some photos in the video to look better.
Then Suddenly they denied my whole gig and removed it forever !!!
They said “We noticed your video contains an audiomark, trial version banner, or watermark that is not your own. If you provide services as a video animator or creator in the Video & Animation category”
And That’s not true at all. there is no anything of the mentioned components.

I have been using this site for 7 months until now and I’m near to level two with about 70 5 stars rating in this gig.
I don’t know how on earth could they do that !!

When I contacted with support, they said the same thing in the removal msg. I think he just copied it without checking anything. And he said that (Gig denials are final and cannot be reversed) !!!

I don’t know what to do but I have lost my sales and I am too frustrated to start again for sorry.

Sorry for taking long

Edit: It might have been deleted due to copyrights of the template used in video. Thank you.

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Sorry this happened! You can try asking if you can be allowed to start a new gig for the same thing and make sure no coprighted material is in it.

Sure you can start from the beginning again. Five months isn’t a long time to lose.

If you are not sure why the gig was removed try asking nicely customer support if they have any information that is specific about what was not allowed.

Take some time to really made sure you do it right if you make the same type of gig.


Thanks for replying
I know It’s not a long time. But I didn’t do anything wrong. even if the video had something wrong, why they accepted it in the begging and why they didn’t ask for modification!
I was happy for what I have achieved so far but they just erased without any reason. So I feel too frustrated to start again for sorry.

I tried to ask but they always keep repeating the same reason which i can’t find it in the video.

This is a pretty specific claim on Fiverr’s part. I don’t see why they would remove your gig unless you really are doing something like this. This is far too specific to be random.

You stated that your gig was a “slideshow gig”. Do you use someone else’s software to create the slideshows, and, perhaps, that software attaches their own watermark to any videos created with that software? Is is possible that you’re even using a trial software, and there was a banner for the software somewhere within your gig video?

Fiverr does not take action against gigs without a good reason… and they gave you a very specific reason for their actions. Perhaps there’s something that you left out of your story?


I’m using After effects program. and I am using templates in my video which I have already bought and everyone in fiverr does that, it’s legal to use templates.
they already accepted this video before. I have just changed some pictures. and I am sure there is no any watermarks or trail banner or anything. I can upload it here to check too.
And even if there something wrong, why they just removed it right away!! why didn’t they ask for modification as usual

Oh… templates in your video. So Fiverr was likely correct. Those templates probably had watermarks or template banners… which is why Fiverr took action against that gig.

And no, not everyone uses templates. Please don’t make assumptions like this.

And yes, you can use templates for efficiency. You cannot, however, claim they are yours, which is kind of what you were doing by openly featuring them within your gig video. For clarification, you probably bought a LICENSE to use those templates, not outright ownership or rights to resell.

Perhaps it was accepted back when you started the gig, but now Fiverr is cracking down on this kind of use, and your video was flagged for investigation when you edited your gig. Perhaps Fiverr found behavior that they might be seeking to remove, and your gig was added to the chopping block.

It doesn’t matter what you show us; we can’t do anything to help you with this issue. This a matter between you and CS. Only Fiverr has authority over banned, removed, or restricted gigs.

You’re going to have to ask Fiverr. We have no control over their administrative, security, or banishment actions. My guess is that the actions Fiverr took are part of a larger gig catalog integrity program, and your gig/video fell within those parameters.


that’s wrong, there is no watermarks or templates banners in any templates.

please understand that templates are legal and useful in video makings. that’s normal

I didn’t say that I am using templates for the clients! I designed the gig’s video using a template and they accepted it before and there are thousands of gigs like that. as I told you it’s legal.

not only when I started the gig. they accepted it after each edit.

I asked them but I have got nothing important from them.

I am posting this here to open a conversation and see if there is anyone had a similar experience could help me. I know you can’t do anything and I didn’t ask for that.

Thank you

What exactly is “Parallax Glass Slides”?

I don’t know what else to tell you. Fiverr appears to think there are.

And claiming that they are your own, and/or reselling them usually is not.

Perhaps Fiverr hasn’t caught or dealt with those “thousands of gigs like that”. Fiverr clearly saw something wrong in your gig video, and took action as a result. If you want more clarification, you are going to have to ask them. They’re the ones that took action against your gig.

Perhaps they have told you everything they can, or, perhaps they have told you everything that you need to know. After all, the reason they gave you was extremely specific. I’m not sure what kind of other “important” answers you want them to provide.

Ask. Be patient. And if they choose not to provide new information, than that is likely your final answer.

As I already noted, no one else can help you when it comes to Fiverr taking action against your gig. Fiverr gave you a clear reason, and they don’t seem to have anything else to tell you. None of us have any insight of greater importance than that which CS can provide.



Interesting. The plot thickens. :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like something called ******** ***** Slides may be copyrighted?

Of course if you have the right license you can use it but probably shouldn’t have that in your gig.

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Yes, that’s the template I use. And i have license for it.
BTW. There is some gigs called I’ll use after effects templates to do your job.
That’s a normal thing.

Did you leave in the audio watermark on that gig?

I am thinking that they do not want you to post the actual unmodified video.

Well, there ya go, @georgeawadallah. You appear to be using your template license ILLEGALLY. As this evidence seems to suggest, Fiverr was correct in taking action against your gig. You do not have the legal right to use those templates for resale.

These appear to be the legal terms for the use of those templates:

“Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for.”

You were selling products using templates 100% against the legal license, and because your gig video shows the brand name for those templates, Fiverr could likely trace it back to the listed license, and saw that you were using the templates against the license.

Thank you, @misscrystal, for helping to clarify this issue for george.


I think you can buy a license to use the video commercially but may not be able to use in it this way, to resell it. I am guessing the audio watermark was left in.


I use my own music. And you can see that they accepted it.

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Maybe you need to take out the word Parallax and not use it in your gig. Probably would be better to not simply display the actual unmodified image?

You can use it if you have the right license to make videos but to show the actual template that you bought with the name of it, that is not allowed.

Parallax slides is a kind of slideshows not a name.

My guess is ******** is a copyrighted word.

The way you have it shown, it looks like you are reselling the actual template.

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