Looks like "Vacation Mode" changed to "Out of Office"


I was looking at my profile and I noticed this change. Not sure how long it’s been changed, but I love it. This feels more professional and doesn’t give the impression that we are on a beach sipping fruity drinks (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

I know this has been requested in the forum before. I do my fair share of complaining. I wanted to make sure and give Fiverr credit for this awesome tweak.


Is it for PROs only? :thinking: I like it too.


Saw it on my profile too so it’s not just fro PRO Sellers :slightly_smiling_face:


Ya It’s awesome new update of Fiverr. :slight_smile:


Yeah we were discussing it here :small_red_triangle_down: a few days ago.

It’s a nifty feature that I actually :heart:


My home is my office!! I wish Fiverr give me an option to add the word Hoffice.

My VM is now Out of Office too



My Customer Success Manager mentioned this in a call last week - I think it’s a great step in the right direction, although “Not now I just don’t have the time or breathing space” might be better!


I’m all for this change! I agree, it does sound more professional.


And they say DON’T GO TO OFFICE… lol


Sounds like we are doing a regular job having an office.


I actually have an office. In fact, I am inside a team :slight_smile:

I find this new feature amazing, it is what I was looking for to properly do a queue control. In fact, I have it enabled right now, as I am overbooked for the next days due to big projects. I still don’t know the impact in searches and such things though


The mode did not change on my side. Is there something wrong with my account?


@nikavoice I will be having surgery later this week to get my wisdom teeth removed (cough 16 years late cough) . I was planning on using vacay mode and testing it out. I guess I’ll have to use this new feature and post a review.


Out of the office is much better than On vacation.


yah its realy a nice option.


Agreed. I am getting all four of my wisdom teeth pulled. While it is time away from recording VO’s, I don’t consider it vacation. However, the HR department at my work considers it ‘vacation’, but that’s a whole 'nother wheel of cheese.


Hey, Logan!

Holy, cowabunga, dude! O.M.G. 4 of them?! :flushed:

Ouch Just reading your comment made my mouth hurt. :grimacing: Be prepared for a not-so-appealing diet. It will consist of jell-O um, not the shots :sweat_smile:, :chicken: or :turkey: broth and :apple:sauce. Personally, I’d choose ice :ice_cream: cream, the perfect excuse to splurge. :yum:

Whatever you decide, I’m wishing you a speedy recovery. :hugs:

Also, you’ll get to customize your out-of-office message.


Dang, all four? Hope it all goes well!


Yes, hopefully it helps support our clients opinion of us as professional freelancers.


I love this feature, I never go on vacation :rofl::rofl::rofl: