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Looks like your Gig is active but needs further review. Please contact us so we can check your Gig

I am level 2 seller and managed over 95 projects so far. Currently I had 3 different gigs that are under additional review, where one is even waiting for passing additional review process since its birth (2 month ago). The 2 other gigs are in under additional review process since 15 days. i have multiple ticks opened with fiverr help and support team but unable to get their attention. For one tick they respond me after 23 days without resolving my issue. The other 2 ticks are waiting for any response since 11 days.

I am wondering it will take more long, and looking for immediate solution.

Thank you


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There is no immediate solution. Customer Support is understaffed and overburdened, with wait time around two weeks being normal at this time. Having multiple tickets only slows them down more.

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I have already wait for 11 days, for other gig it have been passed 24 days now. I know it’s over burden but fiverr need to improve their Help and support. The seller are adding great value to fiverr they must have to provide quality services.

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They were doing fine before the pandemic. Once that hit, and people were restricted, laid-off, a HUGE quantity flooded various freelance platforms. This could not have been predicted. Fiverr itself cannot hire new people due to the inability to support training and working from home.

Last month I had over $1300 earning and over $1100 from a single gig. This month I managed to work only a week with $300 and was expecting over $1500 then suddenly my gig disappeared from search bar and everything vanished. I put great efforts to occupy top spot in search results. I am totally stuck now.

Maybe they want to check if the gigs that they say need further review are related to helping with academic work.

eg. in one you say “My expertise in Academic proofreading”, in another you say “for students and professionals” and “…feedback on academic projects”. They might think the word “essays” and “thesis” are academic related.


Hello @b_ahmad, I actually had the same issue as yours since the first time I made my first gig. After a couple of months, I decided to contact Support to check about it and a new gig I recently created. However, they were actually pretty prompt in replying to me.

The Team Leader replied to me the next day and asked me to use the tool provided to check whether my gigs were active, and I mentioned to him that the result was what was mentioned in the title of this forum thread, which was the reason why I contacted Support in the first place.

The ticket was then reassigned to a regular staff who responded the next day. She said she would check and get back to me. Within 2-3 hours she responded and said that my gigs have both passed the review process and are now searchable.

I quite agree with @uk1000, they might take longer to respond because your gig may sound ambiguous to them. I do hope it can be resolved soon, though.

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