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Looks like you're trying to login from a new device

I just got a pop up as I came to fiverr that said “Looks like you’re trying to login from a new device” but it’s the same laptop I always use.

I had to get sent a code to enter to login. Has this happened to anyone else?

sent to my email

Looks like someone else have tried to open it somewhere else too. Well i suggest you to change passwords ASAP. ( my opinion )

@misscrystal I am still pretty new and have not had this happen but I can reccomend changing your password if you have not already because of that nasty thing people like to do… Phish for information :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s because I used a different IP recently to login. It’s a good security feature. I like it.

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you are right I think this is a good way

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Since I activated 2-F-authentication, I get it when Windows does an update, when my laptop shuts down because I forgot to plug it in and just today I even got it after I’d just logged out … :woman_shrugging:

If I’d start getting it for each and every IP change, that would not be good, here, you don’t typically get a static IP from your provider unless you’re a bigger company.

Also, it’s supposed to catch when someone logs in from a different device (like new, own, laptop, the security feature being to catch other people logging into our account from other devices), not from a different IP.

Well, as long as I get in with the code and I won’t get dinged someday for logging in too often from “new” devices which aren’t new, I’m fine.

That’s what’s puzzling, this is not a new device. It’s the same as always, plus sometimes I login to the app, but always the same device. It shouldn’t think it’s a new device. I don’t update Windows ever so not sure why it thinks this is new.

It happened to me to when I logged in from a new phone that I bought , I don’t think you should be alarmed… I also set up the two factor authentication option so if someone logs in from a different device I should receive a sms with a code

Yes misscrystal, it happens to me pretty much every time I log in from the same computer (???).