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Looping Order List

Is anybody having trouble with their list of ‘to do’ orders looping?

For the past 2 days I could only see the next 25 articles in my queue. After the 25 it loops back to the start. This is a problem as the first 20 orders in that list are articles that are ‘very late’ because the people that ordered want to submit information later on and be at the front of the queue when that happens. This means I can only see 5 orders at a time.

It cleared itself up earlier but now it is back. I have tried different computers and different browsers but the problem always appears :frowning:

I have over 120 orders in my queue, so I can’t see a lot of it at the moment. I have had to make notes of ‘quick delivery’ orders and open them up in tabs. I also have to make a note of when people message me and again open in a tab so that I remember to do their articles as I can’t see otherwise (I have close to 45 tabs open at the moment in order to keep people updated on progress)

Highly annoying. If anybody has had this problem, how did you solve it?