Loosing Hope


3 days ago i received 3 order at once, i thought now my profession on fiverr is going uphill and will lead to a good financial future but after that i haven’t got any order yet :((

One thing i noticed that before 3 days ago my impressions on my gig was increasing 500-600 at a average, but after that it got freezed…don’t know what happened at once.

Just posting my bad experience(please do not get confused with promotion) :frowning:


Patience is key. It will take time. As time goes on, if you have been working hard and giving excellent customer service, a couple of customers will come back. This coupled with new customers will help. And it will continue to grow until you do have a good financial future.

Patience. Three days is not long. Especially because you are in a category with a lot of (excellent) competition. It will take time.


Reply to @theslackjaw: thanks for the reply sir