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Loosing impression, views & clicks!

How to increase them?
Anyone kindly give me idea!
This is my Fiverr profile :
Check it out & let me know what’s wrong!
Thank you.


Don’t worry about it. Fiverr team working to fix the problem as soon as possible.

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A lot of people are lost in these days. It is a troubling time. We must search for us and find our impressions in order to view, and once we find ourselves in the mirror of the future we must prove loyalty to honesty and trust by clicking on that mirror of our soul.


Thanks but all of a sudden I’m facing this problem that’s why I’m worried.

Fiverr is trying to fix it

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Thanks for your suggestion.

Okay. Thanks for the information.

Wait some hours.
I think you read the Fiverr forum notifications.
Fiverr developer working to fix this problem.
Thank you


Yes , I’ve read it.Anyways Thanks for informing me again.

1/ Create a Blog and redirect users to an opt-in page, pixel them for retargeting and finally redirect them to your gigs
2/ same applies for an Email list, add a link to your gig where users can buy or read about your services that you are providing on Fiverr
3/ Issue is: most people don’t have a website or do like blogging or create an email list…
4/ use Pinterest and twitter for passive high-quality non-spammy traffic for your blog, most people would not buy as soon as they land on your gig, so create an opt-in page, add your remarketing pixel and remarket those people continually based on their interaction ( 1.20 minutes video viewers are more interested in your services than those who just come and left on the spot ) you got the idea.
5/ Create lookalike audiences based on E-mails IDs

I bet a bit of knowledge of Marketing and a budget of only 50 Dollars in a month will generate some sales for you, once you have those sales you would also get repeat clients …


Don’t Depend on Fiverr traffic, create a flood of traffic by your own ( Either by SEO for FREE or by paying for ads )

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im adding an Image of my pinterest account, where you may see how much free traffic im getting from pinterest alone in a week…


This is usual for every one

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Thanks for your suggestions

Yes. Anyways thanks to all.

Its a fiverr bug. Hope it will be fixed soon. You can continue promoting your gig on social media. It will help your ranking.

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Thanks for letting me know again.

I have no order in 2 weeks left. I have no idea how to do collect work.please if anyone know help me please

facing same problems

Don’t worry about it. Fiverr is work on it. I hope it will be fixed soon.



The best way to get impression graph constantly growing is to share your gig on social media. Just like different groups in social media. The more people looks at your gig the more impression you will get.

I will recommend you to share your gig on daily basis on social media.

Stay Safe


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The Fiverr competition is very fierce nowadays, the question is : what are you doing to overtake your competitors, what are you doing that they are not doing? You need to be finding ways of standing out from the crowd!

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