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Loosing my gig impressions day by day. How can I get my gig impressions back?

So I have been constantly tweaking my gig to increase rank by adding keywors etc.

I have got 3 orders but its almost a 2 week now since my last order.
What can I do?

Your profile includes 3 Gigs at the moment.

As a new Seller, you can still add 4 Gigs to your portfolio. That´s what you can do.

You should not be surprised that you do not get many orders in your categories. These are so saturated that you would really need to bring something extraordinary that none has never seen before.

You may also take some courses to gain more skills for example.


Thanks blavaro :slight_smile:

Got really worried as my main gig which gets around 2k impressions a month is going down for quite a while. I don’t mind not getting orders but when my impressions get down I get a little worried as I edit my gig a lot mainly changing pictures and discription.

I hear you, but frequent Gigs updates may be exactly the reason why impressions got lower, besides regular rotation. Give your Gigs a chance for a while without changing them…

Don´t rush or panic, building up a sustainable and succesfull profile takes a time, it is a long run.