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Loosing of Gig rank

Hello everyone,
I’m having a problem with all of my Gigs. I was getting regular work on Fiverr. Day before yesterday I got 6 order in one day. And 3 of my Gigs were in first page in 3 different category. But day yesterday suddenly all of my Gigs lost their potion and they all are in last pages ( Gigs losing their rank. So Please help me out from this issue.

How can I get back my gig rank, I mean, how can I improve my gig rank?

Thanks & Regards,
Sharifuzzaman Jewel.


Hi there,

have you tried to search forum first to get answer?

There are already very similar existing topics with many responses that you may find useful.

All gigs fluctuate. Algorithms are dynamic, not static. They don’t mean you stay where you are or remotely close, even if your performance is great.

No point in assuming something is wrong if you haven’t figured out how things actually work.


Yes I did.
But do you have any suggestion for me?

I am afraid I have no good suggestion. Just do what you do and wait.

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As I know I did nothing with those Gigs. I’ve completed all the order with 5* review. Even they tipped me for my good work.

Will you please tell me how can I figure out what’s wrong with my Gigs?

Thanks blavaro,
For you time and help. Let’s see what’s next!!

You’re proving my point. Your gig performance doesn’t change an algorithm from dynamic to static. These things are in flux REGARDLESS of your performance.

I can’t help someone try to rank better if he won’t learn the basics of how ranking even happens.

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Thanks much for your help. I’ll keep trying to improve my performance. But do you have any suggestion for me?