Loosing sales, Impression, views , and click in last 2 week


In this month fiverr was down many times, and because of that, i think many user loosing sales.

I dont know what is happing, can any one advice what to do in this situation.

i used to get 1-2 Order per day and now no order, impression in red.

This is happing for last two week. i think because of fiverr maintenance issue.

Any advice?
Thank in advance.


yep.same problem to me,


i think Fiverr is loosing their buyers or they has changed search algorithm . or don’t know what’s wrong.


No new order since 15 days only old buyers and no sale since 7 days or more i guess, Same problem happening with me too, I talked to customer support saying i cannot find my gig in search,infact when i add filters i still cannot see my gig anywhere. They said they are aware of the problem and will update me soon as they receive update from their technical staff. Unfortunately its been 8 days i haven’t received any response


Yes, You are Right. Only Getting order from Old buyers.

in one of my gig, For Last 7 Days impression, Click and views are Zero and No. of order 3 - Then I checked all order from old Buyers.

Hope Thet Wil Solve this Issue ASAP


Have a look at the Analytics in the My Gigs page. Their is a notice that, gig analytics since 15th December are not appearing in the graph. So, don’t worry for this. :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear sales are down for you. Perhaps it is the Xmas season that people are not ordering as much? I received some orders from new customers and quite a few enquiries from buyers that may buy in the new year.

I hope it picks up again for you in January.