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Losing daily gig visitors

Hello guyz
i had a lot of gig earlier some of them use to place orders but now its not happening as daily i check my gig impressions and they declining daily almost to 50 or 40. here is my gig link please help me to find the problem in gig so i can fix it.

                       Thanks for your time
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Well, I see your gig have 54 reviews and 1 order in running, everything looks perfect just you need to do is marketing your gig daily and promote yourself at fiverr :slight_smile:

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i have 20 000 social media followers where i promote my services, gigs and portfolio, and i have lower views then you… Not sure why do you complain

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Thanks for reply. Actually i am not getting new orders thats why i am complaining.

Thanks for your precious time. How i can promote my self in fiverr? i have tried to share my gigs on social media but it doesn’t attract clients.